Italian Restaurant & Steakhouse

Rossini is an Italian restaurant with Mediterranean influences that is located in the Plaza Real, also known as the "Barcelona's oasis" by its inhabitants. The maximum capacity of the venue is 200 people that can be located in any of the 4 spaces that we have with different privatization options, as well as the outdoor terrace.

The type of cuisine you will find in our restaurant & steakhouse is inspired by Mediterranean and Italian cuisine with various Mediterranean touches that offers the best character of both with natural ingredients. In our menu you can find exquisite Mediterranean and Italian dishes, which include tapas to share, Italian pizzas and fresh pasta, quality meats and fish, rice and paella, homemade desserts, wines from the region and so much more.

All of these

you can enjoy it in the following spaces:


Our open terrace can accommodate more than 60 people, and you can enjoy the views of the entire Plaza Real of Barcelona and the activity of its people during the day, ideal for taking a break or doing the “vermouth”. The outdoor terrace is not possible to reserve.

Pharmacy Room

A sophisticated space that transmits with its colors and its decoration the authentic Italian essence of quality, with a capacity for more than 30 people and live piano concerts at 20 hours.

Italian Room

This room is located on the top floor of the restaurant and has capacity for more than 40 people. This space is set with more natural lighting with light colors and lots of light. This room has possibility of reservation and you can enjoy the views of the Plaza Real and our open kitchen.

Main Room

Located on the lower floor of the venue, the room has a maximum capacity of 40 people seated. The space is decorated in the style of a wooden steak house, a brief mention of the atmosphere of the most classic Italy, and has piano concerts everyday at 8 pm. Like the other spaces can also be booked for all kinds of private events with special options for groups.

Rustic Room

This last room attached to the Main Room  is inspired by an old rustic wine cellar with its own bar, with a capacity for more than 50 people seated. In this space you can enjoy our drinks and special cocktails also with the possibility of privatization for events that need a very intimate or private touch.

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